Million Grins Team

We'll get ya grinnin' - Million Grins is a reputable, reliable, rental entertainment company

I want to first personally take the time and thank everyone who has been involved with Million Grins since the beginning and those who are joining us now. We could not be where we are now without the dedication and hard work from every member of our incredible team. Thank you!

I started the company back in 2007. My goal was simple, to buy my wife as many designer purses and shoes as possible. With all joking aside, it was to run a reputable, reliable, rental and sales entertainment company. Our family has been in the entertainment industry for years. As I grew older, I started seeing sides of other businesses that I was not proud of. Too often, companies sacrifice fundamental values, in order to provide a cheaper product. I believe that you do not need to offer deep discounts in turn to attract customers. It is very simple. Provide a product that people can rely on and a brand they can trust and the rest will follow.

I can honestly say that every decision I make takes into account our philosophy as a company. I believe that at all times we should be providing a high quality product which is reliable, a good value, and highly regarded. On a continuous basis I am evaluating our selection of products, pricing, availability, and level of service that we offer to you, the customer. I can't always guarantee we will be the cheapest, but I can tell you that you will not find a more dedicated company and a highly trained staff anywhere else in the industry.

This passion for perfection starts with me and flows down to the people we hire. I am personally involved in the selection of all our staff. I feel this is extremely important for an entertainment company to put an emphasis on this. Not only are my team members representing Million Grins and me, but they are also the same people who will be interacting with your guests and clients. I can't imagine hiring a company for your event that does not invest in qualified and selfless employees.

The second emphasis is on the equipment. Obviously it helps to have a great team, but at the end of the day you have to have equipment you can count on. Million Grins only uses the best equipment in the industry. We have taken all of the worry and guess work out of deciding which entertainment company for you to use. There are hundreds of companies out there telling you "We will match and beat all competitors pricing."

Ask yourself this. Is your event so unimportant that you would be willing to risk hiring a company that is not qualified and that does not use the best equipment, so you can save a buck? There must be a reason that they need to charge so much less in order to provide you the so called "same service".

I have spent countless hours testing and talking with industry professionals to find the best equipment across the country. I guess you are thinking what this means to you the customer.You can expect nothing short of perfection from us. At all times, Million Grins keeps you the customer in the forefront of our decisions.

I will leave you with one last parting thought. Why would you trust anyone else with your grin?

Sarah Zingler
President, Million Grins, Inc.